A. Oils & Acryclics
B. Watercolors
C. Drawings, graphics, Collages, Printmaking & Paper
D. Clay
E. Sculpture
F. Photography
G. Glass
H. Jewelry
I. Leather, Fiber & Wood
J. Mixed Media

Awards in each Category 

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place 

Additional Awards

Best Display Award & President's Award


2017 Space Coast Art Festival - Winning Artists


Award Last, First Booth Cat. Category
1st Barone, Richard 701 A Oils and Acrylics
2nd Currier, Richard 512 A Oils and Acrylics
3rd Pla, Damon 147 A Oils and Acrylics
1st Lacuesta, Witha 519 B Watercolors
2nd Cockman, Pui Lan 525 B Watercolors
3rd Kemper, M. 711 B Watercolors
1st Eckert, Jeffrey 106 C Drawing, Graphics,
Collages, Printmaking
& Paper
2nd Margerum, Collin 717 C Drawing, Graphics,
Collages, Printmaking
& Paper
3rd Jones, Vicki 503 C Drawing, Graphics,
Collages, Printmaking
& Paper
1st Welsch, Harry 102 D Clay
2nd Heuslein, Mina 129 D Clay
3rd Liu, Wen-Mei 150 D Clay
1st Hazelaar, Charles 518 E Sculpture
2nd Figueroa, David 725 E Sculpture
3rd Hill, Jack 528 E Sculpture
1st Sokol, Andy 510 F Photography
2nd Clibbon, Robert 103 F Photography
3rd Fulwiler, R C 119 F Photography
1st Slade, Bill 130 G Glass
2nd Barnes, Dan 122 G Glass
3rd Burridge, Sharon 116 G Glass
1st Freeman, Samantha 536 H Jewelry
2nd Melchiorre, Claudia 521 H Jewelry
3rd Austin Ii, Ralph 502 H Jewelry
1st Marken, Pete 115 I Leather, Fiber & Wood
2nd Jacobs, Roberta 143 I Leather, Fiber & Wood
3rd Richard, Douglas 712 I Leather, Fiber & Wood
1st Nemnich, James 131 J Mixed Media
2nd Ruder, Samuel 506 J Mixed Media
3rd Vest, Diana 708 J Mixed Media
Best Display Coy, Kimberly 710 H Jewelry
President's Award Crossland, Derrick 136 E Sculpture

I understand that pictures of me taken throughout this event may be used in any form of media for future advertisements to promote the Space Coast Art Festival. I consent to this use.

Photography and Art by Jewelry by Claudia Melchior * Oil & Acrylics by Bruce Peeso