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• The 2018 Space Coast Art Festival will be held in Manatee Sanctuary Park, Port Canaveral.
• SCAF will provide 20 x 20 Tents for students to display their art.
• Registration will close at October 17th, 2018
• NO registration will be accepted after this date. (No Registration day of show)
• Student Artist must remain with their “Artwork” at all times. No artwork will be judged if the artist is not present at their display. If the student’s art is chosen for an award they must be present at the awards ceremony to collect any prize money they may have been chosen for. While we know this may present a hardship for some students, the SCAF treats the students with the same professionalism we do the adult artist, and the same rules apply for both shows.


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For any questions, please contact the SCAF office: (321) 784-3322