Artists exhibit in 10 different categories, and SCAF recognizes Outstanding Artists with Cash Awards.

Festival Awards

  • Best of Show Award
  • Up to 10 Merit Awards

Juried Categories

10 Juried Categories:
A. Oils & Acrylics
B. Watercolors
C. Drawings, Graphics, Collages, Printmaking & Paper
D. Clay
E. Sculpture
F. Photography
G. Glass
H. Jewelry
I. Leather, Fiber & Wood
J. Mixed Media

Artist Selection

The Space Coast Art Festival uses both Jurors and a Judge. All artistic entrants in our annual show submit four images of their work plus one of their booth. In August of each year, the Jurors come together to view the work of all entrants to determine if the entries are original works of fine art and that they fit in with the quality of our show. The Jurors vote in private and then the scores are tabulated. Not every entrant makes the cut and those that do are truly outstanding.

To be considered as a SCAF Judge, candidates must have an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) plus an incredible amount of life experience, have received numerous awards for their work, and have experience in judging art shows. We look for Judges who are knowledgeable in many different art disciplines and can give our artists a positive experience.

2023 Winning Artists:

Last Name, First NameAwardBooth #Category
Nagy, Heather Best of Show#25Oils & Acrylics (A)
Bullock, MichielMerit Award#8Oils & Acrylics (A)
Connors, NancyMerit Award#20Drawings, Graphics, Collages,
Printmaking & Paper (C)
Esteve, MiriamMerit Award#48Oils & Acrylics (A)
Johnson, MorrisMerit Award#26Mixed Media (J)
Latayan, JulieMerit Award#27Clay (D)
Moticska, EycaMerit Award#7Clay (D)
Parenti, NikkiMerit Award#6Leather, Fiber, Wood (I)
Sandlin, KennethMerit Award#39Sculpture (E)
Schindelwig, SharonMerit Award#34Oils & Acrylics (A)
Umbel, BarbaraMerit Award#32Jewelry (H)

Eyca Moticska

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2022 Winning Artists:

Last Name, First NameAwardBooth #Category
Umbel, Barbara Best of Show#34Jewelry (H)
Duflo, MikeMerit Award#47Leather, Fiber, Wood (I)
Duncan, HeatherMerit Award#43Mixed Media (J)
Jenkins, Lori PittenMerit Award#42Watercolors (B)
Kellum, JohnMerit Award#2Clay (D)
McCullough, DonMerit Award#36Sculpture (E)
Nagy, HeatherMerit Award#46Oils & Acrylics (A)
Raleigh, TriciaMerit Award#25Mixed Media (J)
Thamert, JeffMerit Award#14Photography (F)
Watters, JimMerit Award#45Watercolors (B)
Wewerka, SteveMerit Award#3Photography (F)

2021 Winning Artists:

AwardLast Name, First NameBooth #Category
Best of ShowValerio, Daniel#6-7Oils and Acrylics (A)
Merit AwardBullock, Michiel#1Oils and Acrylics (A)
Merit AwardCereghino-Groves, Magali#3Leather, Fiber & Wood (I)
Merit AwardGiordano, Michael#32Photography (F)
Merit AwardLamontagne, Paul#21Sculpture (E)
Merit AwardMcCullough, Don#5Sculpture (E)
Merit AwardPemble, Robert#18-19Leather, Fiber & Wood (I)
Merit AwardUmbel, Barbara#20Jewelry (H)
Best DisplayVagner, Michael
#14Mixed Media (J)

2020 (No Festival)

The 2020 Festival Show was cancelled due to Covid-19.

2019 Winning Artists:

AwardLast, FirstBoothCategory
Best of ShowSandlin, Kenneth#5Sculpture (E)
Best DisplayMascoll, John#11Leather, Fiber & Wood (I)
President’s AwardWindergren, LuAnn#44Oils and Acrylics (A)
Merit AwardBarone, Richard#39Oils and Acrylics (A)
Merit AwardBullock, Michiel#28Oils and Acrylics (A)
Merit AwardLacuesta, Witha#7Watercolors (B)
Merit AwardLamontagne, Paul#51Sculpture (E)
Merit AwardConnolly, Karin#59Photography (F)
Merit AwardVaillancourt, Marilyn#4Jewelry (H)
Merit AwardZhang, Xiao Xia#9Mixed Media (J)
Merit AwardCereghino-Groves, Magali#54Leather, Fiber & Wood (I)

2018 Winning Artists:

AwardLast, FirstBoothCategory
Best of ShowLaMontagne, Paul#504Leather, Fiber & Wood (I)
Best DisplayMascoll, John#518Leather, Fiber & Wood (I)
President’s AwardNg, Sip Tshun#735Mixed Media (J)
1st PlaceBullock, Michiel#510Oils and Acrylics (A)
1st PlaceWade, Christopher#720Watercolors (B)
1st PlaceEckert, Jeff#507Drawing, Graphics, Collages, Printmaking & Paper (C)
1st PlaceHarrell, Roz#730Clay (D)
1st PlaceHazelaar, Charles#117Sculpture (E)
1st PlaceStevens, Paul#125Photography (F)
1st PlaceBarnes, Dan#122Glass (G)
1st PlaceOlson, Andrea#711Jewelry (H)
1st PlaceMascoll, John#518Leather, Fiber & Wood (I)
1st PlaceBurton, David#713Mixed Media (J)

I understand that pictures of me or my work taken throughout this event may be used in any form of media for future advertisements to promote the Space Coast Art Festival. I consent to this use.