Board of Directors

2015 Board of Directors & Organization:


Cheryl Puleo, President & Student Art
Marilyn Grigsby, Vice President
Marilyn Rigerman, Treasurer & Show Layout
Teresa Trapnell, Secretary

Board Members:

John Alexander, Advertising/Beverage Sales
Chickie Arendas, Artist Placement/Layout
Lisa Bailey, Jurors/Judges Reception
Trish Barker, Sponsorship/Publicity
Andrea Bastien, Artist Registration/JAS
Jacque Crawford, Artist Oasis
Harry Greenfield, P.A., Legal/Special Events
Wendy Herrburger, Judges/Grants
Chuck Klein, Artist Oasis
Buzz Petsos, Signs

Non-Board Members:

Christy Davis, Office Manager/Site Coordinator
Shelly Alexander, Volunteers
Alex Bean, Program Guide/Website
Paul Puleo, Entertainment


2014 Board of Directors:
Cheryl Puleo, President
John Alexander, Vice President
Marilyn Rigerman, Treasurer
Teresa Trapnell, Secretary

Harry Greenfield, P.A.
Marilyn Grigsby
I-B Johansson
Wendy Herrburger
Megan Watson
Jacque Crawford
Chickie Arendas
Deanne Dailey Hansen

Non-Board Member:

Christy Davis
Office Manager/Site Coordinator


2013 Board of Directors
2013 Board of Directors

2013 Board of Directors:

Back row: Marlene White, Jacque Crawford, JoEl Harris, Denise Song, Teresa Trapnell (Secretary), Deanne Hansen
Front row: Chickie Arendas, Wendy Herrburger, John Alexander (President), Cheryl Puleo (Vice- President), Marilyn Rigerman (Treasurer)
Not Pictured: Rico Diaz, Elizabeth Gannon, Harry Greenfield, Marilyn Grigsby, Anne Herzog, Diane Kirschenbaum, Christy Davis (Office Manager) & Dave Netterstrom (City Liaison)


2012 Board of Directors:

2012 Space Coast Art Festival Board of Directors
2012 Space Coast Art Festival Board of Directors

Back Row: John Alexander (President), Elizabeth Gannon, Kent Cooper, Marlene White, Harry Greenfield, Jacque Crawford, Rico Diaz, Cheri Ross (Vice President), Alex Bean

Front Row: Lisa Bailey, Marilyn Rigerman (Treasurer), Marilyn Grigsby, Deanne Dailey-Hansen (Secretary), Rhonda Lee, Diane Kirschenbaum, Cheryl Puleo

Not Pictured: Chickie Arendas, Dave Netterstrom, Denise Song, IB Johannsen, Loren Rapport, Christy Davis (Office Manager)


2011 Board of Directors:

2011 Space Coast Art Festival Board of Directors
2011 Space Coast Art Festival Board of Directors

Back row: Alex Bean, Cheri Ross, Marlene White, John Alexander, Denise Song, Lisa Bailey, Marilyn Grigsby

Front row: Elizabeth Gannon, I-B Johansson, Marilyn Rigerman, Deanne Hansen, Diane Kirschenbaum, Chickie Arendas, Jacque Crawford, Cindy Kelley

Not pictured: Jay Dow, Harry Greenfield, Cheryl Puleo, Kevin Pruett, Christy Davis (Office Manager)


2010 Board of Directors:

Diane Kirschenbaum – President
Alex Bean – Vice President
Marilyn Rigerman – Treasurer
Deanne Hansen – Secretary

SCAF 2010 Board of Directors
SCAF 2010 Board of Directors

2010 Board of Directors:

Back row: Alex Bean, Marlene White, Cheri Ross, Cheryl Puleo, Jay Dow, Lisa Bailey

Front row: Chickie Arendas, Cindy Kelley, Diane Kirschenbaum, Deanne Hansen, Marilyn Grigsby, I-B Johansson

Not pictured: Pam Durkin, Harry Greenfield, Barbara Linton, Kevin Pruett, Marilyn Rigerman, Denise Song, Christy Davis (Office Manager)