Space Coast Art Festival – Categories & Awards

10 Juried Categories:
A. Oils & Acrylics
B. Watercolors
C. Drawings, Graphics, Collages, Printmaking & Paper
D. Clay
E. Sculpture
F. Photography
G. Glass
H. Jewelry
I. Leather, Fiber & Wood
J. Mixed Media

2021 Winning Artists:

Last Name, First NameAwardBooth #
Valerio, DanielBest of Show#6-7
Bullock, MichielMerit Award#1
Cereghino-Groves, MagaliMerit Award#3
Giordano, MichaelMerit Award#32
Lamontagne, PaulMerit Award#21
McCullough, DonMerit Award#5
Pemble, RobertMerit Award#18-19
Umbel, BarbaraMerit Award#20
Vagner, Michael
Best Display#14

2019 Winning Artists

Sandlin, Kenneth - Best of Show, Sculpture

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Sandlin, Kenneth - Best of Show, Sculpture

AwardLast, FirstBoothCat.Category
Best of ShowSandlin, Kenneth#5ESculpture
Best DisplayMascoll, John#11ILeather, Fiber & Wood
President’s AwardWindergren, LuAnn#44AOils & Acrylics
Merit AwardBarone, Richard#39AOils and Acrylics
Merit AwardBullock, Michiel#28AOils and Acrylics
Merit AwardLacuesta, Witha#7BWatercolors
Merit AwardLamontagne, Paul#51ESculpture
Merit AwardConnolly, Karin#59FPhotography
Merit AwardVaillancourt, Marilyn#4HJewelry
Merit AwardZhang, Xiao Xia#9JMixed Media
Merit AwardCereghino-Groves, Magali#54ILeather, Fiber & Wood

2018 Winning Artists

AwardLast, FirstBoothCat.Category
Best of ShowLaMontagne, Paul504ILeather, Fiber & Wood
Best DisplayMascoll, John518ILeather, Fiber & Wood
President’s AwardNg, Sip Tshun735JMixed Media
1st PlaceBullock, Michiel510AOils and Acrylics
1st PlaceWade, Christopher720BWatercolors
1st PlaceEckert, Jeff507CDrawing, Graphics, Collages, Printmaking & Paper
1st PlaceHarrell, Roz730DClay
1st PlaceHazelaar, Charles117ESculpture
1st PlaceStevens, Paul125FPhotography
1st PlaceBarnes, Dan122GGlass
1st PlaceOlson, Andrea711HJewelry
1st PlaceMascoll, John518ILeather, Fiber & Wood
1st PlaceBurton, David713JMixed Media

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