SCAF Making a Difference in Local Schools

2022 SCAF Student Art Winners

MAKING A DIFFERENCE– We know our Student Art T-Shirt Contest is making a difference in our local schools. The contest is fun for students and their teachers and classroom benefits too. These are emails received from the teachers of last year’s winning student entries.

Yes! Thank you, Cindy, for recognizing our school in the most notable art show of our district! It was my absolute honor to share that news with students, faculty, and staff! Everyone was thrilled and proud beyond measure! As the news spread around campus, I overheard students commenting to one another, “we won hundreds of dollars for making art!” This contest was a great way for me, as their teacher, to demonstrate the many different ways we can use artmaking skills throughout our lifetime: Art can help us make friends; it can help us process difficult emotions, and art could be a career. The student who won was a fifth grade student and this year she is in sixth grade. Promoting the Space Coast Art Show was an excellent way to start the year with them. Sixth graders showed more interest in art and were more engaged knowing about opportunities to display their art work in public. In class, we discussed different ways to use the prize money. It was decided to purchase supplies for future projects. We also purchased some entertaining art games, including Spirograph kits and an art history card deck.

Angel Holland
Brevard County Schools

First of all thank you all for all of the support over the last six years. My students have always loved doing the T-shirt contest in the spring and exhibiting their work in the fall. This year we used the $500 to buy a slab roller, this was a wish list item that has been on our list for a while. The Space Coast Art Festival made that wish come true. Thank you again for all you do to make this event a success!

Randy Guarino
Holy Trinity

It felt so good to have one of my students win…Her hard work and creativity were recognized and rewarded. The school $ was spent on class supplies so that more students can create beautiful works of art. Have an amazing day!

Jelena MacLeod
Brevard County Schools

SCAF invites All Brevard County Students (public, private and home school) to participate in the Space Coast Art Festival Student Art Show and T-Shirt Design Contest. For more information, visit our Student page to learn more!