Student T-Shirt Design Contest

The Student T-shirt Design Contest is open to all Brevard County K-12 students, with the winning artists recognized by having their artwork featured in that year’s Program Guide and the overall winner’s artwork used on the Volunteer T-shirts. The three winning artists receive a cash reward, as does their school art program.

For more information, please contact: Cindy Woznicki at 321-794-6618 or email or

58th Student T-Shirt Design Contest (2023)

Contest Rules:

  • Work can be any two-dimensional work (painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, etc.) that is no smaller than 8 ½ inches by 11 inches and not larger than 11 by 17. Digital Design Graphics must be your original work. (not a copy of published art/illustrations) You can hand draw, paint, or design your art on a computer. (no clip art)
  • All work must be unpublished, signed, original art done in 2022-2023 by a Brevard K-12 Public, Private, or Homeschool student artist.  Include the words 2023 Space Coast Art Festival or 2023 SCAF and 58th.
  • Include full name, age, telephone number, complete address, email address, school, grade, art teacher, and send with the artwork.  Please print legibly.
  • Applicant may submit a maximum of two original pieces of work.
  • Special consideration will be given to artwork that is particularly representative of the Space Coast. (ie beach, port, space center)
  • One winner selected for each age group: K-6, 7-8, 9-12. Winner receives $150 and winning classroom wins $500.
  • No sale or reproduction of selected work by artist shall occur until after the 2023 festival without the written approval of SCAF.
  • Deadline for submission: All work must be received no later than May 1, 2023. Send entries to Anna Marie Zink, the Brevard County School Art Director or contact Cindy Woznicki  321-794-6618

P.S. The Space Coast Art Show is at The Avenue® Viera, October 14-15. Please put that on your calendars as SCAF plans to have a great student art show this year.   Hope to see you there.

Tape on the back of each piece of art.   Please print legibly.


Age_______    Phone number______________________


Email address___________________________

School________________________________________________   Grade________

Art Teacher__________________________________________

Festival Photography: I understand that pictures of me taken throughout this event may be used in any form of media for future advertisements to promote the Space Coast Art Festival. As a participant in the show, I consent to this use.